Code d’Urgence: France Develops QR Codes that Could Save Lives

Code d'Urgence QR code application in FranceA company in Le Mans, France (in the 72nd département, Sarthe) recently developed a QR code that could save lives, the Code D’Urgence. These QR codes securely store one’s medical history and emergency contact information so that in the case of an emergency, medical professionals have instant access to the information they need.

A one year subscription (36€) can be applied for with the submission of a brief medical questionnaire and approval from a doctor. The medical information is then stored on a secure server for emergency access by certified medical professionals. The only downside is that this technology is only fully implemented in two French departments (with ten more en attente or in the process of adapting the technology).*

Once a user is registered, they are given 10 QR code stickers to place on their vehicle dashboards or windows, the backs of their mobile devices, their motorcycle helmets, on their wallets, or wherever they find suitable. These codes are particularly marketed to those who risk traffic, work or sporting accidents as well as to senior citizens.

For more information on this technology, visit the Code D’Urgence website. What do you think about bringing this technology to the US?

* In order for this technology to be used, medical professionals need to download the application to their mobile devices. Departments 44 and 72 have fully implemented this technology while departments 85, 17, 16, 33, 86, 53, 28, 21, 57, and 59 are in the process of implemented codes d’urgence.


Author: Shannon Abiteboul

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