DAP Technologies rugged handhelds and tablet computers

DAP Technologies Rugged Mobile Computers

DAP Technologies provides mobile computing hardware such as tablet computers, mobile PDA's and fixed mount computers.

  • Rugged Mobility Tablet and handheld computers built to withstand harsh environments
  • Increased ROI See improved ROI by investing in rugged computers with fewer repair and replacement costs

M4010 mobile computer and barcode scanner

DAP M4010

Specs: multiple scanner triggers; optional pistol grip; two keypad options; voice-ready; 128 MB SDRAM and 1 GB internal flash memory; accessible SD slot; numeric or alpha-numeric; 1D or 1D/2D scanner; optional GPS or RFID; GPRS/GSM 3G; WLAM 802.11b/g radio; Windows CE 5.0; indoor/outdoor touchscreen.
2240x pda by DAP Tech

DAP 2240X

The DAP 2240X is the optimal choice when portability, data security and operating time are important factors. Despite this units light weight, the 2240X is extremely durable and operates easily in resistant environments. This rugged PDA is both waterproof and dust proof (IP67 standards), and is customizable to fit your application.

M8640 mobile computer

DAP M8640

The M8640 is a mountable or undocked mobile computer with a variety of options to ensure you get the most with this device. With either QWERTY or AZERTY keypads, an indoor and outdoor touchscreen, flexible data collection, wireless communication and IP67 features, this unit is perfect for tough environments.

DAP V1200

DAP V1200

This vehicle computer is wireless-enabled and comes with a great selection of hardware, OS and screen size options. The V1200 has several customizable components such as its processor, memory and storage options and it works in a variety of applications. It also easily mounts into most industrial machinery and with limited intrusion.

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