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Psion Teklogix

Psion Teklogix specializes in producing rugged mobile computers for the toughest environments. Customers that deploy Psion Teklogix mobile devices experience a significant return on investment due to the useful longevity and durability of the Psion Teklogix mobile devices.

  • Suitable for a Variety of Applications Ideal for supply chain logistics, transportation, field sales and services as well as numerous outdoor applications
  • Adaptive Ingenuity With in the field modularity, customization and open innovation to save money on repairs and upgrades
  • Total Solution Psion offers a wide range of mobile computing and printing hardware

Handheld Mobile Computers :

WorkAbout Pro Series

WorkAbout Pro Series - its modular design, durability and reasonable price continue to make this the most popular handheld terminal for Psion Teklogix. The most current model in the WorkAbout Pro Series is the Workabout Pro 3. Read More...

Download the WorkAbout Pro Spec Sheet
workabout pro series

Omnii XT15

The Omnii XT15 is a versatile and adaptable mobile computer that gives users the ability to update or repair the handheld in the field. With six different keyboard options, GPS, data geo-tagging and more, this unit has meets the needs of a variety of applications.

Download the Omnii XT Spec Sheet
psion teklogix xt15 mobile computer with adaptable features

EP 10

The EP10 PDA is a part of the Omnii line of Psion computers and it gives users all the features of a full-size computer in a compact and portable form. Watch a video overview of the EP10.
Download the EP10 Spec Sheet | Download the EP10 Brochure
ep10 industrial pda


The 7535G2 is ideal for warehouses that require durability and a well balanced terminal that fits comfortably in any hand.
psion teklogix 7535 G2


The 7530G2 is arguably one of the most rugged handheld terminals available on the market today. Ideal for cold chain applications. It supports both WiFi and Narrowband.
psion teklogix 7530 G2


The Ikon is a rugged PDA with radio capabilities that support 3G HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS.

Download the Ikon Spec Sheet
psion teklogix ikon pda


This compact and lightweight terminal is great for light warehouse duty or in-store retail data collection.
psion teklogix neo terminal

Vehicle Mounted Mobile Computers :


Full PC functionality (Windows® XP) in a robust vehicle mount computer. Available in 10 or 12.1 in. displays.

Download the 8585/8595 Spec Sheet
psion teklogix 8580 8590 vehicle computer


The 8530G2 is a full screen computer that works comfortably in extreme environments: -22 F to 140 F. With its own 10-90V power supply, the 8530G2 does not require any kind of additional preregulator or power filter.

Download the 8530 Spec Sheet
psion teklogix 8530 G2 vehicle computer


The 8525G2 is a vehicle computer similar to the 8530G2 but with a half screen 8.8 in. VGA display.

Download the 8525 Spec Sheet
psion teklogix 8525 vehicle computer


The 8515 is compact yet rugged. This vehicle computer is ideal when a drivers line of sight can't be compromised.

Download the 8515 Spec Sheet
psion teklogix 8515

Download the 9160 Spec Sheet

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