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Extended Range WiFi Coverage with Fidelity Comtech

DataGear® is pleased to offer a unique product from Fidelity Comtech, the Phocus Array 3100X wireless access point for extended WiFi coverage. The Phocus Array 3100X is ideal for anyone requiring WiFi coverage outdoors or for large indoor areas. By utilizing the Phocus Array access point, you avoid the the installation and ongoing maintenance of of multiple access points often required for wide open areas. A good rule of thumb is that for every ten traditional access points required for wireless coverage, typically one Phocus Array access point is needed to cover that same area. When you consider the infrastructure costs necessary to support just one access point (fiber, power, outdoor enclosures, antennas, etc.), it becomes easy to see how Fidelity Comtech creates an opportunity for significant savings.

Fidelity Comtech is ideal for:

  • Seaports
  • Rail Yards
  • Construction Sites
  • Auto Yards
  • Stadiums
  • Inland Container Yards
  • Campuses
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Ski Resorts
  • Airports
The technology behind the Phocus Array 3100X combines signals from eight enclosed antenna elements to each form a directional or super omni directional pattern. This "spatial integration" provides up to 6.1 db better performance than traditional antenna diversity systems. The Phocus Array is a feature rich IEEE 802.11 compliant access point or it can be configured to operate as a client bridge/gateway. When operating as a bridge, the Phocus Array has demonstrated wireless connectivity up to 15 miles away!

Based on Fidelity Comtech's patented Flexible Vector Modulator Technology™ (FlexVMT™), the circular 8-element Phocus Array 3100X's beam has a variable target footprint from a standard 360º "super" omni-directional pattern (four times larger than normal) to an extended long-reach focused 43º co-phase pattern. The FlexVMT can electronically switch between steered or shaped patterns in less than 100 Secs on a packet-by-packet basis or be statistically administered.

Since the Phocus Array 3100X selectively directs its signal, coverage patterns can be changed so that your wireless coverage stays primarily within your yard. As a result, security and privacy are dramatically improved by reducing eavesdropping possibilities and potential interference from outside your facility. This also promotes "good neighbor" behavior since you will have less of a chance of interfering with your neighbor's wireless system.

The Phocus Array is also beneficial for anyone looking to install wireless security cameras. Normally, directional antennas are pointed to a particular camera which indicates where security cameras are located. With the Phocus Array, since the antennas are enclosed, disables anyone's ability to see which security cameras the Phocus Array access point may be communicating with. This makes it more difficult to locate and tamper with security cameras installed nearby. The Fidelity Comtech access point can also be remotely configured to change its focus onto any nearby wireless security camera without having to make any physical hardware adjustments.

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Geo-Location Geo-I-Dynamic Beam Steering and Shaping included
Reach Improvement Phased Array's "Super-Omni" signal using spatial integration provides up to 6.1 db better performance than traditional antenna diversity systems, thereby doubling reach in free space and balancing coverage.
Focused signal's range can increase up to four times over the "super" Omni-directional pattern's reach or 16 times the coverage area.
Bi-directional link reliability also dramatically improves with a focused beam and receiver antenna gain.
Interference Improvement Focused directed or shaped beam reduces interference by up to 88%
Privacy/Security GStandards - based encryption used (WEP, WPA, WPA2, 802.1X)
Focused directed or shaped beam keeps signal away from threats and permits "Good Neighbor" behavior
Data Packet Routing Targeted used packet-by-packet data routing and beam reconfiguration
  • Reduces spectrum use
  • Enhances network capacity
  • Reduces signal intercept probability
Power Consumption Low power requirements simplify installation and increase usage in mobile or remote applications
Ruggedized Package Optimal for outdoor and mobile vehicle applications
Compact Size Ideal for portable and vehicle systems and those that require a small "wind sail" profile
Management and Software Interference Remote software/firmware upgradeable using browser-based administration, configuration, monitoring and pattern selection; SNMP (Ethernet MIB0-2)


Physical Characteristics
Antenna Types Eight element uniform circular phased array
Each with an associated FlexVMT T/R module
Dimensions (1/2 cubic foot) 9.5" width x 9.5" depth x 11" height (.24 m x .24 m x .28m)
Weight 9.0 lbs (4.1 kg)
Electrical EIRP - Effective Isotropic Radiated Power Regular Power Version - 42 dBm, meets FCC requirements.
500 milli-watts conducted power
Coverage Patterns Standard 360 degree horizontal by 35 vertical, focused to 43 degrees horizontal
Radiation Patterns Omni-directional or sector, 16 high-gain presets and custom available
Frequency Bandwidth 2.401 GHz - 2.484 GHz supporting IEEE 802.11 b/g
Data Rates - 802.11 b and g 1, 2, 5.5, 6*, 9*, 11 , 12*, 18*, 24*, 36*, 48*, 54* Mb/sec
Antenna Gain 15 dBi maximum (43 degrees HPBW azimuth)
Array Control Single Intel XScale 425 processor w/128 mb of RAM
Input Power Power over Ethernet (POE), 23 watts maximum at 48VDC
Power Consumption 9.0-12.1 watts average, 23 watts peak
Multipath Reception Multiphase power envelope via 8 element uniform circular array
Operating Temperature -40 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees Fahrenheit) to +85 Celsius (185 F)
Dynamic Pattern Reconfiguration less than 100 Secs
Radio/Vibration/Environmental FCC - Part 15, IC - CoC
Warranty One year limited warranty

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