Industrial Wifi Security

When utilizing wireless internet and mobile technology, information travels through airwaves, creating potential vulnerabilities for your business. If your company's LAN is exposed, your organizational backbone can be compromised, leading to not only financial implications but damage to your company's reputation. Your business's information isn't the only data at risk - without protecting your wireless, the personal and financial information about your customers, vendors and partners are also at risk.

By implementing wireless security, you can prevent financial loss and legal ramifications as the result of unprotected wifi. Even the most casual security breaches can earn you the attention of legislators and regulators, so take charge with wireless security to keep your data assets safe.

Here are a few wireless security options from manufacturers Motorola and Cisco that not only give your business the ability to meet security policies created by regulatory bodies, but also clearly demonstrate your organization's compliance.

Motorola's Air Defense:

  • A centralized console that provides complete protection against wireless threats as well as monitoring and location tracking (multi-vendor, multi-architecture)
  • Instant termination of the connection on any rogue device without interrupting routine business communication
  • Use of collaborative intelligence and secure sensors
  • Complements VPN encryption and authentication
  • Simplified device configuration
  • Complete network visibility from one console
  • Security options for legacy equipment with a Cloaking module
  • Meets PCI DSS, DoD 8100.2, HIPAA, GCBA and Sarbanes-Oxley mandates

Cisco's SecureX

  • Cisco offers a variety of wireless security options including Cisco TrustSec, AnyConnect, Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) and Security Intelligence Operations (ISO)
  • Reduced risk with rapid response to evolving threats
  • Improved compliance with the enforcement of business policies and practices
  • Reduced OPEX with better efficiency at a lower cost
  • Improved visibility
  • End-to-end coverage

Our team has experience installing wifi networks and implementing wireless security for many different industries and is trained to take on projects of any size. We have partnered with leading manufacturers to guarantee that you will not only have great service, but the best available products for your application. Our relationships with customers extend beyond the initial wifi installation and purchase. We also offer service options including remote monitoring, security checks, upgrades of either software, hardware or firmware, and repair.

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