Consultations and Site Surveys

When we perform a service needs assessment, we evaluate all aspects of the application and environment where a customer's equipment is being used to provide the best solution for our customers' wireless network, surveillance system, or data system installation.

To ensure that we provide our customers with the best solution, we conduct detailed site surveys and follow-up consultations of your facility so that we have a thorough understanding of the environment and your requirements. Our site surveys include an assessment of the premises, measurements to guarantee wifi coverage throughout the required zone, identification and solutions for possible disruptive sources, pinpointing best locations for equipment, and recommendations based on your facility, applications and budget.

The ultimate goal when conducting a RF site survey is to meet safety requirements and ensure that there is adequate coverage in the desired areas within the facility with consideration of wall and ceiling construction, product density, potential interference, facility traffic patterns, antenna types/usage, and analyses of coverage overlap and antenna diversity. These considerations allow us to determine the number of access points required and the best locations for their placement.

Get a quote on a site survey for your wireless or surveillance project.What you pay for services is an important factor, and as your service partner, we play a significant role in helping you manage those costs. Your time, your budget, and your company's needs all play into the decision regarding which data management, wifi or surveillance system is needed to help you achieve your goals and increase your company's efficiency, and our trained specialists take all of these factors into consideration during our consultations and site surveys.

There are many things to consider prior to the installation of your wifi network to ensure the best quality, speed and coverage. Take a look at a few of the following:

  • What materials are used in the walls and ceilings of your facility?
  • How high is the racking and what types of products are placed on the racks?
  • Is there any equipment used within the facility that could interfere with wifi coverage?
  • What types of antennas should be used and should there be antenna diversity?
  • How should power and data cabling be run to the required locations?
  • How many users will be utilizing the network and what is the expected data rate?
  • What are your goals and objectives by implementing an RF network?

With DataGear, you can be certain that you will receive a thorough site survey so that your facility will receive accurate wifi coverage with the proper number and location of access points, the best antenna types, and accurate measurements taken to prevent and avoid any wifi interference. With our RF site surveys, you get product summaries, survey results, pre-installation information, AP and antenna mounting examples, specifications for each access point, access point locations, and more. After the site survey is completed, we can install cabling, IDF, backboards, antennas and controllers.

Our consultations can include a business needs analysis, evaluation and selection of products and technologies, systems architecture, technology infrastructure, an ROI analysis, risk management, establishment of expectations, an RFID assessment, project management and training. If you are looking to implement a new system or upgrade your existing system, you can be assured that DataGear can help you find a total solution so that your system will meet or even surpass your expectations.

Call to further discuss scheduling a site survey or consultation with one of our representatives today (714) 556 - 5055. Or you can email us.

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