AgKnowledge Software

Agknowledge software is ideal for the fresh produce grower, packer, shipper and marketers looking to streamline their operations. With AgKnowledge, all areas of your business can become more efficient.

For Sales:

  • Simple order entry
  • Quickly turn shipped orders into invoices
  • Flexible charges by customer, product, commodity, variety and more
  • Fully integrated with AgKnowledge Inventory and AgKnowledge Barcoded Pallet Tags
  • Easy access to all order history for every customer
  • Credit memos automatically offset invoices
  • Easy cash posting for full and partial payments and write-offs
  • View customer accounts with up-to-the-minute aging
  • Unlimited ship-to accounts for every sold-to customer
  • Fully integrated with AgKnowledge Sales and AgKnowledge General Ledger

For Inventory Control:

  • Up-to-the-minute view of inventory including On Hand, Available to Sell, and more
  • Easy inventory reconciliation
  • Flexible inventory by warehouse, product, lot, aging date and more
  • Easily track your "time to cool" efficiency
  • Fully integrated with AgKnowledge Sales and AgKnowledge Barcoded Pallet Tags
  • Estimated receiving

For Accounts Receivables:

  • Easy invoice entry and posting
  • Flexible payment selection by date or individual invoice, even manual checks
  • View vendor accounts with up-to-the-minute aging
  • Recurring payments
  • Fully integrated with AgKnowledge General Ledger

For accounts payable:

  • Easy entry by employee or crew
  • Salary, hourly, piece rate
  • Infinite user-defined pay types like Regular, Overtime and Vacation pay
  • Flexible deduction set-up with automatic interface to AgKnowledge Accounts payable
  • Fully integrated with AgKnowledge General Ledger

For payroll:

  • Flexible chart of accounts with user-defined segments
  • Automatically tracks cash and accrual basis without extra entries
  • Easy to use Report Writer
  • Deferred revenue and expense
  • Account allocation
  • Fully integrated with all AgKnowledge applications

For General Ledger:

  • Multi-company, multi-location
  • System security by company, application, user and menu
  • Easy saving and purging of historical information

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