Agribusiness Solutions

With a fully integrated data collection system installed, supported and designed by our certified and expert team at DataGear®, your agricultural business will quickly become more organized, manageable and efficient. You will see a significant increase in time available for the more important elements of your business by eliminating laborious or outdated data management equipment and systems and upgrading to one of our customized and specialized agribusiness solution packages.

Our highly trained team will not only help you design a data collection system best suited for you and your business through site surveys and consultation, but we will also install, support, and repair your new system (or even legacy/used systems!) and hardware and train you and your employees to get the most out of your new data system.

Our systems are tailored to your business, your budget and your needs – we provide you with a comprehensive data solution for your business.

For customers looking to reduce costs with used and refurbished equipment, DataGear® can help. We have a large inventory of used terminals and scanners that many customers trade-in when upgrading their systems. These devices are then refurbished by DataGear® technicians and are resold with a warranty at a greatly reduced price.

Equipment rentals are also available for those customers with seasonal requirements. This helps to keep a customer’s capital expenditures budge and overall operating costs low. We offer both short and long term rental agreements with affordable pricing.

Industrial grade tag and label printers are required for most operators when shipping products or for inventory control. As an authorized reseller for all the leading label printer manufacturers, DataGear® can not only assist customers in selecting the proper printer for the job but also ensure that customers select the proper media for its application. Maintenance and repair contracts are available on all DataGear® supplied printers to help keep the units online with minimal downtime.

We also offer software solutions for your accounting and inventory system needs. We are proud partners of Phytech, AgKnowledge and the Integrated Knowledge Group for agribusiness software.

DataGear® also offers Food Traceability solutions so that you can clearly trace every pallet, case or item anywhere and at anytime. Provide your buyers with something valuable - a guarantee that the products they are buying are fresh and safe. Our innovative agribusiness solutions allow your company to improve traceability, food safety, quality management, warehouse and inventory management, and the barcoding and labeling of your products. We offer affordable data solutions specifically designed for the agribusiness industry covering barcode or RFID data collection, wireless data collection and mobile data collection so that your business can be more time and cost efficient.

Agribusiness Package Options:

If you would like to find out more about our Agribusiness Solutions, please contact us via phone (714) 556 – 5055 or email. We look forward to speaking with you! You can also visit our Agribusiness Solutions site to find out more about what we have to offer, our agribusiness partners, and more.