Phytech Sensor Systems

Wouldn't it be great if your plants could tell you just what they needed to provide you with the greatest crop yield each year?

Getting that information may not be as out of reach as you may think. With Phytech's sensor system, you can get alerts from your crops, soil and weather.

With a cloud-based alert and log system, you can optimize your irrigation system, lower costs with the decreased use of critical resources, constant connectivity, and the ability to solve issues before its too late.

Phytech makes it simple to gather information from your crops whether you're operating from your office computer or on the go with mobile devices. Utilizing web based application, Phytech supports the grower's decision making processes with customized and convenient information about the status of their crops.

Choose the features and information you most need to create a customized solution that meets your needs and budget.


Sensors are placed in several strategic locations to give you an overview of the general behavior of the groups. Approximately one basic system is necessary for every 25 acres. Phytech and Datagear handle all installation, communication, maintenance and implementation of the system and Phytech offers a 24/7 support center to address any issues that may arise with the software.

Sensors - Basic System Setup

Plant Sensors - stem/trunk diameter and fruit growth sensors

Soil Sensors - soil moisture sensors

Micro-Climate Sensors - temperature, humidity, radiation, rain, wind speed and direction sensors

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