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Integrated Knowledge Group, Inc. has been providing produce-specific software and consulting services to the industry for over 18 years. IKG's ProPack software package is an integrated produce-specific, accounting-based software package that encompasses all facets of the produce industry: sales, warehouse management, shipping and grower accounting/settlements. This open system provides for ease of integration with other systems and can be readily customized to meet your specific business needs.

ProPack by IKG offers real time sales information on inventory, forecast, production, orders and availability. You can create numerous combinations of sorting and filtering, allowing users to view availability differently from the same inventory information. With ProPack you also get comprehensive "Season to Date" reports represented in multiple perspectives: grower, customer and marketer. The Ad-hoc report feature allows for unlimited arrangements of sales data into formatted reports.

Additional features of ProPack include:

Warehouse Management:

  • Real-time Shipping Desk - Manage all shipping traffic in one place. Get a dynamic view of orders by warehouse location with status, inventory availability, loading manifests, order information and shipment functions in a single window. The ability to sort and filter by any column, search by order number and customer PO makes managing orders easy.
  • RF Handheld Operations - Capture transactions real-time and distribute the functions of managing a warehouse. With on-the-dock shipping, product locating, inventory transfers, product searches and more, it's about providing front-line employees with the tools they need.
  • Inventory Locating - Find product faster, period. Track movement of inventory throughout your warehouse, run comprehensive inventory reporting with real-time locations and stage orders more efficiently.
  • Product Availability - No need to run extensive reporting to determine how much product is available for an order. Quick links provide immediate inventory availability by warehouse location and order.

Grower Settlement:

  • Pooling Overview - average prices across similar product with the ability to make interim pool payments, transfer between pools and print checks directly from settlement process.
  • Pooling Key Components - Pools are defined by Crop Year, Variety (if necessary) and Pool Number. Each pool has a start date and end date that reflects the Pick Dates. Growers can be included and excluded from a Pool.
  • Pooling Period Specific vs. Total Season Pools - Pools may be defined for any period length, then pool period and seasonal information is based on selection criteria. For example, a pool statement of sales report can represent a single pool or a cumulative view of multiple pools.
  • Pooling: What Audit Capabilities Exist? - ProPack maintains multiple audit traits to allow for forensic analysis if necessary:
    • Track any changes made to pallet tags
    • Keep record of every post, un-post and repost to an order, with tag level detail
  • Lot Liquidations - Designate product of differing commodities, varieties, growers and dates into groups or 'lots.' Settle based on actual order pricing as sold (traditional) or as received (imports). Allows for easy consolidation of groups of widely differing products into a single settlement.
  • Account of Sales - Select invoices for settlement by invoice, grower, variety, field, ship date. Return net order price less grower expenses and report to varying degrees of detail. Extensive season-to-date reporting and grower statements for informative reviews to growers.
  • Joint Venture - Allocate profits across multiple investors/owners/grower easily while distributing shared expenses. Utilizes lot tracking system to group product together, then allows for specific ways to distribute proceeds. Can payoff initial investments respective to each party and split remaining proceeds by percentage.

Prophet UK provides companies with inventory management software in the ag business Integrated Knowledge Group is now Prophet North America as part of their partnership with Prophet UK. Prophet UK is an established supply chain solutions company with software for supermarket distributors, food service caterers, warehouse service providers, market wholesalers, importers/exporters, growers/farmers, and port handlers.

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