Secure Gate by ID Software

secure gate twics card reader with biometric validation and authentication

Secure Gate by ID Software is the ideal solution for reading TWICS cards with biometric validation on a hand-held computer. With Secure Gate, the steps to confirm access are simple:

  • Scan the TWICS card with the built in reader to authenticate
  • After the card holder enters the proper PIN, their picture is displayed on the hand-held computer for verification
  • Touch the built-in fingerprint reader to validate the holder of the TWIC card is the rightful owner
This verification only takes seconds to complete, allowing security personnel to confirm identity, eligibility and permissions. It also gives them the ability to record the activity to a secure facility in real time. With the biometric fingerprint reader, users can immediately identify individuals who were previously logged into local, regional or state databases. Other features such as safe zone GPS monitoring and automated citation writing are also available.

The Secure Gate application is currently deployed in marine terminals and is FIPS 201-1 certified. For more information or to see a demo, call our Seattle office at 206-839-8551 or email Mark Oetken.

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