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At first glance, this new development in scanning technology seems to eliminate the need for barcode and RFID, but is the new Toshiba scanner really the end of barcodes? By using food recognition technology, the new Toshiba scanners cut down time in a checkout line by eliminating manual food code entry. The scanners recognize food […]

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RFID tags, simply put, are intelligent barcodes that allow the tracking and management of an item. RFID tags have existed since the 1970s, but because of their relatively high cost, have only recently become a popular and viable replacement for the more “traditional” barcode. Historic Uses of RFID Tags RFID tags were originally used to […]

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The utilization of QR codes on public advertisements has presented marketers with the challenge of overcoming safety issues. In the state of California, the use of a mobile device while driving is illegal, so placing QR codes in ads on buses or billboards has many limitations (only passengers can scan the code or drivers will […]

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