Is your current printing solution only a partial solution? Has volume increased, requiring faster output? Do you need something capable of higher print quality?

Technology is steadily advancing and the latest improvements might just be the answer to better quality, less waste, more productivity, and many other benefits. If you’re hesitating to invest in updated printing technology, DataGear has a solution. We’ve partnered with Zebra, a global leader in printing technology, to provide the innovative, rugged, high performance printers that meet industry-specific needs. When you invest in Zebra, they return the favor. Go Zebra 13 Trade-in offers a rebate of up to $500 when you trade in a Zebra or competitive printer and trade up to a new Zebra® printer. Take advantage of new printing solutions that can increase productivity and lower maintenance costs—and utilize the equity in your current technology to get even greater value.

With Go Zebra 13, now is the perfect time to move up to a new Zebra printer. Visit our Zebra printer page to see if your printer qualifies for the program, and contact us with your challenges so we can match you with the Zebra printer that will best solve those problems.

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