DataGear is proud to announce the recent installation of a surveillance system at the Port of Long Beach in partnership with Siklu.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – DECEMBER 1, 2016 – In partnership with Siklu, DataGear was selected to provide the wireless connectivity and surveillance solution implemented at the Port of Long Beach as a part of a multi-phase project.

The Port of Long Beach Security Division will oversee the project as the security upgrades are installed in the United States’ second busiest container port which serves as the gateway for trade between the United States and Asia.

Fifty-four links will be installed as a part of the first phase with DataGear upgrading the port’s current wireless network to Siklu’s millimeter wave technology. They will also deploy the port’s HD security cameras.

“Wireless interference is especially of concern in a port environment,” said Lee Coffey, President and Founder of DataGear, based in Santa Ana, Calif. “Ports are one of the most complex areas to deploy a wireless surveillance system because of the high level of wireless activity taking place, size of shipping containers and the heavy equipment being used to move shipping containers. That’s why it was important to install a millimeter wave technology from Siklu because its radios are reliable, interference-free and provide future-proof capacity.”

You can learn more about this project here.

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