In an earlier post, we mentioned the use of RFID wristbands in hospitals and for children in amusement parks, but this latest addition shows the use of RFID wristbands in the entertainment industry and many other potential applications.

Using RFID gives you and your company immediate visibility to information that can help your business flourish. By setting up RFID portals and equipping workers with RFID readers, you can keep track of inventory as it moves around, into and out of your facility, keep immediate track of sales, improved and automated data collection, immediate breakdown of each point’s efficiency and more.

Here are several innovative uses of RFID:

Canada’s Bluesfest – RFID technology makes it so that festival goers don’t have to bring cash. By giving attendees RFID wristbands to make payments within the concert venue, the festival helps cut down on lines and hopefully see a boost sales. This RFID application also appeared at Coachella, Bnnaroo and Lollapalooza.

Washington Nationals major league baseball – Washington Nationals used RFID to manage tickets and food/beverage purchases by replacing tickets with an RFID card. They haven’t yet fully implemented this technology as it is still being piloted by season pass holders.

IBM – IBM uses RFID to track conference attendees and audit/control costs. It also prevents any delay in attendees entering certain rooms/areas of the event by eliminating the need to manually scan the barcodes typically already used on event badges.

Paramount Farms – uses RFID to track pistachios it receives from growing partners in over 20 countries.

Brink – In France, Brink created a system using RFID to destroy bills if they get too far away from an armored car.

In Japan, movie-goers can download tickets to their RFID equipped phones and enter theaters faster.

For more creative uses for RFID, read our previous post on understanding RFID.

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