Going wireless in your warehouse, according to NOP World Technology, can increase company productivity by up to 27%. In a survey by Intel, they noted that it only takes 11 minutes of increased productivity per employee per week to pay for the average cost of deploying a wireless system. That’s only about two minutes per day. With quick ROI and improved productivity, it’s no wonder companies are increasingly turning to WLAN as the solution for their warehouses.

If you are thinking about taking your warehouse wireless, the investment can sometimes seem intimidating. So before you take the leap, take a look at this list of the pros and cons of going wireless in your warehouse. The Pros of Going Wireless:

  • Real time updates for mission-critical applications, you no longer have to wait for a user to batch or upload files to the WMS
  • Ease of adding new devices to the network (printers, scanners, cameras)
  • Increased productivity
  • No lost data from a lost or damaged batch device
  • Wireless networks give you the ability to update end devices from an application and/or firmware
  • Ability to use Voice over IP

The Cons of Going Wireless:

  • The initial installation cost (however, the system pays for itself over time)
  • Security could be considered a con, but if you have taken proper security measures, this isn’t an issue.

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