The new Keurig Office coffee maker, the Vue 1200, has a built in RFID reader to determine the type of coffee being brewed and adjusts the settings to match the “built-in” recipe by using the best temperature, airflow and timing for each cup.

Keurig’s latest single cup brewer keeps office workers in mind, providing them with a coffee brewer that that recognizes single beverage packets and brews accordingly. Using RFID technology, the Vue 1200 recognizes the type of packet being put into it (coffee, tea or cocoa) and adjusts its brew settings to match the beverage being served.

Each cup is equipped with a EPC Gen 2 UHF RFID number embedded with a recipe so that when the cup is inserted into the brewer, the reader captures the information. With its built-in software, the Vue can then adjust the temperature, timing and airflow for that particular recipe making “the perfect cup” each time.

The Keurig Brewer settings, however, can be overridden so that users can brew beverages the way they like.

One of the downsides of the Vue 1200 is that it requires purchasing the Keurig cups with RFID tags (most cups do not currently come with tags) and so the selection becomes a bit more limited in comparison to its non-RFID counterpart. The non-RFID equipped cups can still be used in the Vue1200, but the user would need to choose their brew settings manually via the machine’s touch screen.

The Vue1200 became available Sept 20.

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