Today surveillance systems can be used for so much more than security – here are seven ways you might not be fully utilizing your camera system that we’ve put into a fun acronym.

Claims – Video can provide proof for insurance claims, workers’ compensation claims and can serve as evidence in the case of theft.

Asset Management – Use your surveillance video to assist with process control and inventory management.

Monitoring – With video, monitoring hazards and employee procedures are simplifed.

Enablement – Use archived video to assist with training of new employees.

Resource Reduction – With a camera system, you can do visual checks of the floor remotely and eliminate the need to do physical checks.

Assurance – Camera systems can help maintain quality assurance in production control or logistics.

Security – The most popular and frequent use of camera systems.

New technology has made it easy to integrate previously independent security and business systems into one solution so that your business can see improved functionality and greater efficiency. There are many value-added purposes that you camera system can be used for.

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