If your warehouse operation is still wired into printers, it’s time to pull the plug. Mobile printing applications deliver dramatic ROI when they replace labor-intensive systems that are riddled with inefficiencies. Printing at the point of use saves time and increases label accuracy throughout the operation. Here are just a few ways mobility offers increased productivity and accuracy:

Receiving – Producing labels on a mobile printer eliminates trips back and forth from the receiving dock to the central printing station to retrieve labels for incoming goods. Labeling items at the receiving area ensures that incoming materials are accurately labeled, improving efficiency for check-in, put-away, and other automated systems

Quality Assurance – With a mobile printer, QA inspectors can tag samples (Pass, Rework, Reject) at the point of use and reduce the risk of misidentification.

Put-away – Mobile printing integrates into the system and wirelessly transmits label requests, inventory record updates, and then returns the data to generate a bar code or RFID label.

Picking – Operators can pick multiple orders using a mobile printer that generates a bar code or RFID label for each item. The labels are then scanned in the staging or packaging area to expedite the sorting of items for specific shipments.

Packing and Shipping – Warehouse workers can use mobile printers to identify items during kitting or light assembly, to identify finished goods, and to mark ship-to-order items. Rather than identifying and labeling final assemblies, employees can verify the picking and packing of all the items required to complete the order.

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