Sometime in the not too far distant future, when we utter the question, “Remember back when we all wore masks for fear of catching and spreading COVID-19?” those words will be spoken during a Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting, because a huge section of our workforce will still be working from home simply because it makes perfect sense.

If your city has been limping along during the pandemic relying upon an outdated data communication infrastructure that often fails to keep up with the demand, it’s time to swing into action. Stop expecting the fibre to be in place any day now. In reality fibre takes a lot of highly disruptive effort over a very long period of time at an extremely high cost.

Why not install Extremely High Frequency (EHF) wireless mmWave communication technology throughout your city? Along with providing reliable high-speed access to your working-from-home population, provide essential services like flawless communication for your first responders, citywide video security, internet access for your school system, internet access for your library system, and public Wi-Fi.

Contact DataGear today at 714-556-5055 to find out how quickly we can make it happen, how budget friendly the project will be and how equally budget friendly its ongoing maintenance will be.  

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