In order to properly determine what equipment you will need to mount your mobile device, there are several factors that should be considered. These include:

  • The make/model/year of the vehicle in which the device will be mounted
  • The type of seats in the vehicle
  • Is the shifter on the floor or in the steering column?
  • What type/model of equipment is being mounted?
  • Is drilling desired or allowed in the vehicle?

Once the above factors have been taken into consideration, the next step is to consider the components involved in creating a vehicle mount. With RAM Mounts, components mix and match easily so that you get the most options when designing your vehicle mount.

So what are the components of a vehicle mount? For a computer they can include the following:

  • Vehicle bases – This is the piece that secures the mounting system to the vehicle. Some bases require drilling while others do not, and most are vehicle specific.
  • Poles and/or tubes – These come in varying heights and lengths to position the device where desired. They are available with quick release and are built to withstand vibration.
  • Motion attachment – This piece joins the pole and the computer mount together and allows tilting, swiveling, sliding and extending to make your device more accessible when needed and to get it out of the way while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Computer cradle and/or dock – You can choose between a universal cradle which adjusts to fit the dimensions of your computer or a computer specific dock that has a port replicator with optional power supplies and an RF pass through.

For a radio, a vehicle mount includes a vehicle specific leg kit, a proper top plate, a console box and radio specific face plates. It can include a variety of additional accessories such as a mic clip.

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