Zebra has expanded its QLn mobile printer series to include the new QLn220 two-inch direct thermal mobile printer as part of the third generation of the line. The series will also see the introduction of a four-inch mobile label printer within the next year to meet the application needs of warehouse and T&L markets.

With the ever increasing popularity of mobile technologies and hardware, manufacturers, like Zebra, have developed mobile hardware solutions to meet the demands of these growing work environments. The expansion of its mobile printer line led to the introduction of the new QLn two-inch printer, a complement the already existing three-inch QLn printer.

Like most industrial class hardware, the QLn220 offers drop-resistant durability, simple integration and a variety of accessories and features to simplify its use. Some of its most notable features include its backwards compatibility with QL and QL Plus printers, 16 ZPL X programming language options, right to left printing capabilities and vertical or horizontal print options.

The QLn220 has four different charger options: a smart charger which charges a single, stand-alone battery, the ethernet cradle which charges the battery while it is in the printer, the quad ethernet cradle which charges four printer units simultaneously and the quad battery charges which charges four stand-alone batteries.

The QLn220 prints direct thermal barcodes, texts and graphics at up to four inches per second. It comes standard with serial and usb ports, Bluetooth, 802.11b/g and security modes 1-4.

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