Motorola recently released Wi-NG 5 its wireless LAN solution. Wi-NG 5 distributes intelligence between controllers, APs and extends QoS, security and mobility services directly to the APs.

Features of Motorola’s Wing 5:

  • The NX9000 controller can manage up to 10,000 access points
  • The Wing 5 controller automatically elects an RF domain manager to manage multiple APs at each site
  • OPMK catching allows faster roaming by eliminating the need to authenticate back to the controller
  • MINT protocol allows APs to form an intelligent network to form local packet forwarding along the best path
  • Smart licensing which enables automatic sharing of licenses amongst primary and redundant controllers
  • Zero touch deployment options
  • All Wing 5 APs can be easily configured to operate in standalone, virtual controller, or dependent modes
  • Smart RF provides automatic analysis, configuration and monitoring capabilities
  • Enhanced client load balancing
  • Improved air time fairness

Turn your old Wing 4 devices into cash or credit for a new Wing 5 system. We keep an inventory of parts to help our customers with old systems that are no longer supported by the manufacturers, so if you would like to turn your old Wing 4 devices into credit towards a new system, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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