Making the decision to upgrade your data management system isn’t always fun or easy, so we’d like to help you through the decision-making process and give you the tools to decide whether you REALLY need to upgrade or not. Repair and maintenance contracts are sometimes an affordable alternative to making that big step, but can upgrading your equipment save you money in the long run?

Think of your data collections system as a car – is it costing you more to get it repaired (and causing you inconvenience due to downtime) than it would be to just go out and get a new one? Does your wireless data collection hardware still perform its required tasks? Before making any decisions on whether or not to upgrade your data system ask yourself these questions:

Will I continue to get maintenance support for my hardware? Even though a manufacturer may end support for a particular device this does not mean it can’t be repaired. In fact, DataGear repairs many older devices that manufacturers have stopped supporting long ago.

Do support costs outweigh new hardware costs? Buying new hardware may cost more up front but you should weigh those costs against the ongoing repair and downtime costs that may be present with your existing hardware. At some point all equipment will reach the end of its useful life and continuing to maintain it will no longer makes financial sense.

How secure is my wireless network? Hackers can infiltrate your wireless network if you are not current with the latest security options. Upgrading your hardware may save you a great deal when compared to the cost of exposing your company’s sensitive data to an astute hacker.

Is hardware management draining our resources? Upgrading software, trouble shooting problems, and distributing patches can be a labor intensive job when you are managing your wireless system. Newer wireless technology can help you remotely manage and secure your mobile devices.

Can new hardware features improve my business? Many of the data terminals available today have a variety of wireless options that can help your employees stay productive while on the go. Equipping your employees with the proper wireless technology, while mobile, may give your company the leverage it needs in today’s competitive environment. Before making any decision, seek the advice from a professional data capture specialist. DataGear has the background and experience to help you decide if an upgrade makes sense or not and the expertise to show you all of your options and explain the true “cost of ownership” when selecting mobile devices.

DataGear is a supplier of data capture products, RFID solutions, software and repair services to the agriculture, retail, logistics, warehouse and distribution industries.

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