With the growing amount of electronic waste or e-waste due to constant developments in technology and electronics, we believe that the continued development of our Green Initiative is absolutely necessary to do our part to help protect our planet.

Technology is always changing and developing and this leads to obsolete equipment and media (CDs, cassettes, etc.) that need to be disposed of around the world. In many cases, the proper disposal of electronic equipment requires a legal framework, an elaborate system for collection, and many other aspects that complicate the disposal of electronics (and as a result a large number of electronics end up as toxic waste in landfills because there is no easy way to recycle or dispose of it).

According to an estimate by the Environmental Protection Agency, only 15-20% of electronic waste is recycled while the rest is dumped into landfills and incinerators. In the US alone about 3 tons of e-waste is produced each year. The total worldwide amount of e-waste is the tens of millions of tons.

To do our part to help reduce the amount of e-waste produced and to increase the amount of recycled electronics, we offer a buyback and recycling program for legacy barcode scanners, mobile computers, industrial label printers, surveillance cameras, and vehicle computers.

Not only do we simplify the recycling process by doing it for you, but we also provide you with a great incentive – credit for your used equipment. In exchange for your used equipment we offer cash, trade-in credit or credit towards another purchase from DataGear so that you get the greatest ROI on your mobile computing equipment.

Do your part to protect the future of our planet by protecting natural resources, preventing pollution and hazardous disposal by contacting us to find out about our Green Initiative and Buyback program.

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